Eating With Biblical Intention by Kristen Ekiss

Eating With Biblical Intention

Bringing faith-filled purpose back into your relationship with food


Are you sick and tired of the mindless eating with no clue why you do it? 
Have you tried every diet, counted every calorie, and, sworn off carbs like the enemy only to find yourself elbow deep in a bag of tortilla chips a few days (or hours) later?

Do you love Jesus and desire to serve Him in all areas of your life, and you're ready for a prayerful change? Then this 4-week course was made just for you. 

A breakthrough formula for intentional results in only 30 days

Eating with Biblical intention is a prayer-driven process that helps you develop simple skills to transform your relationship with food. 
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What You Will Get

24-Page Workbook
9 Videos
4 Prayers & Power Verses
Weekly Challenges
Printable Food Logs
Email Support

The program will guide you through 4 foundational components of the Eating With Biblical Intention formula

1. Purpose, Desire & Design
2. Slowing Down & Listening to the Spirit
3. Renewing Your Mind
4. Finding Food Freedom

What's included?

Video Icon 9 videos File Icon 2 files Text Icon 13 text files


First Steps and Welcome
Welcome and let's get started!
3 mins
Pre-Course Challenge
11.9 MB
Food Log
15.6 KB
Week 1
Purpose, Desire and Design
13 mins
Knowledge Bite
4 mins
Prayer & Power Verse
Week 1 Challenge
Week 2
Slowing Down & Listening to the Spirit
10 mins
Knowledge Bite
4 mins
Prayer & Power Verse
Week 2 Challenge
Week 3
Renew Your Mind
15 mins
Knowledge Bite
5 mins
Prayer & Power Verse
Week 3 Challenge
Week 4
Finding Food Freedom
9 mins
Knowledge Bite
5 mins
Prayer & Power Verse
Week 4 Challenge
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Kristen Ekiss is a health + fitness coach that teaches busy women how to grow a stronger faith, raise a stronger family, and build a stronger body.